Hadoop for Small Businesses- Basics of Data Management IT

Big data has been a hot topic of discussion for quite some time now. The mere fact that it is big is a problem on its own. Big data can be of great benefit or it could end up being a source of great losses for your business. A small business that is just starting out needs to save as much money as possible; this, however, does not mean that you should not invest in good data management technology. Hadoop is one of the best IT solutions for those who want to enjoy simple yet premium quality data management tools.

What exactly is Hadoop?

There are so many people who talk about Hadoop, but then they have no idea exactly what it does. Most have a general idea that it is a data management system. Developed by Apache, Hadoop is one software system that makes analysis of big data a walk in the park. Large sets of data- the big data- can be difficult to analyze owing to their humongous volume. The situation gets even worse if this data is located on distributed servers.

Hadoop simplifies the whole process of data analysis for you. Remember, if you analyze big data well, you can get a lot of information about your business. The data will reveal trends and patterns that you probably did not think were existent in your business. It is with such information drawn from the analyses that you will be able to make more informed decisions about your business. To make the work even easier for you, you can hire the best of remote DBA experts to assist you with the data analysis.

Generally, Hadoop is used by companies that are looking for the capability of extracting unstructured data in a bid to improve things such as the performance of the business. The companies are also able to boost customer relationship management. With Hadoop, all of these and more will be nothing but simple tasks. There are features like Excel reporting in this system. They make it possible for small businesses to capture the power of the big data analytics. Non-technical users are able to access large data sets through cheap data analysis projects as well.

Other benefits you will enjoy

Another thing that small business owners get to enjoy when they make use of Hadoop is a leveled out playing field. This data is great for all sorts of businesses that would like to make use of large data sets effectively. It is also good if you would like to optimize your business’ processes. It would not make sense to have really large amount of storage space for data available if you are not able to analyze it easily.

Businesses of varying sizes are making use of cloud storage to widen their storage capabilities. The largest of cloud storage service providers have created features that make it possible to integrate Hadoop into their systems. This just goes to show just how amazing this technology is. It can help to take your small business to greater heights.