Remote DBA Oracle Professional Career – KnowWhatIt Entails

While being one of the world’s most popular relational databases, Oracle is also extremely complex and requires years of training and preparation for it to be mastered. Due to the extremely sophisticated nature of the database, it finds application in only organizations that have a database management team that is suitably qualified and experienced. Data storage and information retrieval is a vital aspect of contemporary business in virtually all sectors, and this has led to the sustained demand for database administrators, especially those who are adept in Oracle, as this is the popular choice of the largest of businesses, including e-commerce sites, and finance and insurance.

Since there is a lot of demand for Oracle management expertise, there are many people who are taken in by advertisements of crash courses that promise to make candidates experts even if they do not have the requisite academic qualifications like a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems, as well as an appreciation of the function and role of database administrators.

Even though becoming a competent Oracle professional takes many years of academic and practical training, it can be well worth the effort because the career is extremely challenging as well as one of the most lucrative in the world of database administration. However, it should be kept in mind that it requires a lot of dedication and commitment to be successful. The fat salaries that are envied by other people come at the cost of great stress, a twisted work-life balance, long hours of work, and the ability to quickly grasp evolving technology. Some commonly-asked questions on what it takes to be an Oracle database professional:

What Does The Oracle Database Administrator Really Do?

The database administrator, as the name suggests, is the person responsible for the database development, maintenance, and storage and retrieval of data. Among their prime responsibilities are working intensively with database software and determining the optimum ways of storing and organizing data so that it not only can be accessed faster but also is kept secure against corruption and breaches. The contemporary remote DBA Oracle is also expected to work very closely with network specialists and data analysts to ensure that the huge variety of networks over which the database is accessed operate smoothly.

What Are the Essential Skills Required of an Oracle DBA?

Obviously, the first requirement of large organizations implementing sophisticated database management systems is that the database administrator should have a very high level of competence in management of databases and associated skills such as computer programming languages like Java. Because database administrators need to understand the requirements of the top management as well as the strategic vision of the business, it can be very important for the database administrator to have a professional qualification in business management. Without this, the DBA will not be able to have a very clear idea as to how businesses operate in a competitive environment. As the database administrator is expected to regularly interact with senior management as well as make presentations regarding database development and administration strategy, highly developed communication skills can be a very valuable asset.

What Education Qualifications Are Required?

Since the sector is extremely challenging and competitive, ideally you should have an undergraduate degree in Computer / Information Science and top it off with a master’s degree in business management. Additionally, you should acquire diplomas and certification in specific skills in Oracle DBA. There is a growing trend among large businesses to hire those with advanced qualifications. The earnings of these candidates also tend to be superior to the rest. Obviously, the better-rated colleges will give you a better start; however, at the end of the day, it is only your competence, dedication, and passion for the job that will drive your career to a higher orbit.


The remuneration of qualified Oracle DBA experts can really be very impressive and is a great incentive for the IT professionals to try and qualify to enter this sector. However, it needs to be appreciated that today databases are the lifeblood of virtually every organization and the work profile of the DBA can be extremely challenging.