How to Choose the Right Oracle Remote DBA Partner?

When you are opting for the services of the remote DBA, you must select them wisely as the critical systems of the mission of your company depends on it. All the firms may not be competent enough to meet the goals through the technical expertise.

Let us discuss some questions that need to be asked before choosing your DBA partner.

#Are you going to work with the call center or specific employees in your company?

Without the dedicated team of professionals, the effort and the time used in the services may be unproductive in nature. Therefore, you should look out for the maximum level of service with the specific DBA experts assigned to you. They will definitely maintain the continuity with your systems.

#How long the company is serving in this industry?

When you are working with a DBA firm, make sure that they are well-established and experienced in this industry. Longevity always provides a proof that the firm is successful and their services are dependable.

#What is the experience level of the team members providing the services?

As you are involved with the critical systems, always make sure that the Oracle Remote DBA experts possess a minimum level of experience. It is recommended that at least 5 to 7 years of experience in Oracle, along with a hands-on training with the troubleshooting activities is there. The senior DBA experts should also be able to monitor the activities, so that larger issues can be prevented even before they arrive.

#Do you possess senior DBA expertise in your account?

If the DBA firm provides you with the senior level support with the front-line access, you can rest assured. If the minor issues are managed by the junior experts and the major events are escalated to the senior DBA experts, the process can be fruitful for you.

#Can the firm provide references?

If you can communicate with the existing clients of the firms, read the endorsements or the reference letters. You will clearly understand the approach to the business and the technical issues.

#Does the firm outsource support or the monitoring services?

Make sure that the methodologies and the communication styles of the DBA firm meets your requirements. Outsourcing may affect the essential business hours and it may be difficult in managing your confidential information. You should pay those professionals who are actually working for you.

#Can you access the maintenance and the monitoring tool of the firm?

If the firm is highly qualified, it will definitely provide access to the monitoring and the maintenance tools. They may possess the web portals for the clients including the reporting tools and the client histories.

#What type of information is available on web?

The firm website should include the review resources, such as the installation guides. This can provide attention to the detail along with the technical expertise.

When you are partnering up with a DBA firm, make sure that your contracts are monthly in nature. This will help you in understanding the business earning by the end of every month. Before selecting the firm, you should definitely get the answers of the above questions to ensure your success in the business.