How to Know the Right Time for Hiring an Oracle Remote DBA Service Provider

Conventional wisdom dictates that if you maintain your database onsite by employing an Oracle database administrator you will be able to have better control over your database, ensure the security of data and achieve maximum database uptime and application user satisfaction. However, there are a number of situations that can make engaging an Oracle Remote DBA Service Provider worthwhile because of the accessibility of superior expertise in database administration, performance tuning, as well as a lot of other database related activities such as security, and backup and recovery, not to speak of pleasantly lower expenses. Some common situations that merit looking at remote database administrators:

In-House Oracle DBA Quit For a Better-Paying Job

Being an Oracle database administrator is not exactly the easiest of jobs. Apart from requiring the application of a lot of technical skills, the DBA also needs to be extremely committed to his job and be able to take the stress of unexpected requests coming at the very last minute, servers crashing late Friday afternoon and ruining the weekend, and application performance becoming sub-optimal due to database performance issues.

With an increasing number of organizations, especially the remote DBA service providers, investing megabucks into their IT infrastructure, it can hardly be a surprise that your compensation package pales in front of what the industry is prepared to spend on competent and experienced assets. There are two courses open to you; you can offer the best of financial packages and mollycoddle your DBA team with standard work hours and perks or think hard about outsourcing the job and get back to earning profits for the company.

Your Oracle DBA Doesn’t Have Time to Do Everything                           

As a business owner or manager, you need to tackle a whole host of things that will enable you to design, deliver and satisfy your customers in the face of severe competitive pressures. Invariably, database constraints will prevent you from accessing information that you know can be gleaned from the mountains of data you are collecting from various sources.

If you perceive that your DBA team is unable to deliver all that you require, you can either scale up the team at a significant cost increment or simply opt to hire an Oracle remote DBA service provider that will have both the expertise and the scale to give you the level of service that will propel your business forward. The best balance is invariably obtained by maintaining a slim team in-house that can complement the services provided by the remote team.

In-House Oracle DBA’s Performance Is Waning

If you find that your database and the applications it powers are increasingly becoming sluggish, if the database downtime is increasing or new requests are not being optimally handled, it could mean that your DBA team has run out of steam in terms of technical competence. This may be a little shocking but you’ve got to admit that the technological environment of the IT department and especially of database administration has undergone a complete transformation in the last few years. As a result, the earlier quite competent professionals may be operating out of their depth. Rather than hiring a completely new team, you can choose to engage an Oracle remote DBA agency to allow your in-house team to collaborate and come up to speed.

Your Database Crashed and So Did Your Business

Even with the best available hardware redundancies and a well-documented disaster management plan, it can be sometimes beyond the capability of your company DBA to restore the database resulting in irreparable data loss that can severely impact the fortunes of your company.

When you have an Oracle remote database administration agency on call, you can assume that it may be possible for you to recover a fair amount of data from a database that may have been deemed to be unrecoverable. Agreed, the cost may be quite hefty but it is pretty much a better option than what a non-functioning database can cost you. However, you need to have a working arrangement with the DBA firm that specializes in data backups and recovery.


The chief advantage of having a remote DBA services provider is that you get 24×7 access to a skilled team whose sole business is to make databases perform at their optimal levels. You can just have a skeletal support team in-house and leave the actual grunt work to the experts. Engaging a remote DBA agency also protects you from technological obsolescence as you can get the best of the available talent at the firm to address your problems.