Eric Dalius paves the path for growth

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are always innovating! The same holds true for Eric Dalius as he is enjoying his semi-retirement. He is not done with his initiatives and is spending a significant amount of time trying to advance the Eric Dalius Foundation.

The foundation

The Eric J. Dalius Foundation came up to help candidates pursue higher studies and manage the financial burden. Eric Dalius is a business leader who hopes to pool in all his philanthropic activities under the foundation. Until such time, he has committed to using his assets to finance the multiple grants and scholarships. 

Early career

Back in 1994, Eric J Daliusstarted his famous telecommunications consultancy brand. All through his career, he had successfully balanced his interest in coaching youngsters about life, baseball with the hectic working hours. All through the ’90s, his business flourished. And during this time frame, Eric Dalius became a resilient entrepreneur and created a mark in his field.

Over the years, Eric Dalius has earned the reputation of a global entrepreneur and marketing guru. And through all his successful ventures, the man has created distinctive pathways for personal and financial success. As an entrepreneur, Eric Dalius plans to create a better and advanced world. He is on a mission to select and nurture hardworking, smart, and talented American students who aim for higher education. For this, he had come up with the Eric Dalius Grant, which awards tuition funding to the best candidate.

The Cash-Out Real Estate

It was in 2002 that Eric Dalius decided to move out of his comfort zone. During this time, he was set to welcome more business scopes, and he launched CORE (Cash Out Real Estate). It was a membership-based company that operated, making use of the AAA model. Over the years, CORE made over $10 million in sales. And through this organization, Eric Dalius could share adequate know-how about refinancing and buying properties with others.

The philanthropy of Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius is famous for his integrity! He is always ready to attain objectives that are unparalleled. His peers respect him for his endless dedication and vision. He is driven by unique goals and dreams and commits to quality service. Also, EJ Dalius had graduated from Penn State University with a marketing degree. He understood the relevance of secondary education while pursuing his degree. And from there, a desire generated to give back to students.

Similarly, Eric J Dalius is a philanthropist at heart! He firmly believes that the tuition cost shouldn’t create a barrier to getting a degree. The tuition fees are increasing, and EJ Dalius intends to lessen the same with the Eric J Dalius Grant. And the eligible applicant for this grant should be a high-school senior or willing to opt-in for post-secondary education.

In Conclusion, Eric Dalius is always in search of creative and unique ideas! He is a perfectionist and still sets his sails for ambitious targets. Also, The Eric J. Dalius Grant is how he wants to benefit students who resonate with his entrepreneurial spirit and vision. By helping others, Eric Dalius feels humbled and delighted.