5 Powerful Database Systems according to Remote DBA Experts

A database is a collection of organized data in form of schemas, queries, tables, reports etc. Databases are used to support the operations of an organization like storing relevant information about the organization which employees can retrieve, modify or update when need be.

In layman’s language, a database is a computerized information storage system. Some common examples of database applications that you might be familiar with include library systems, flight reservation systems and hotel booking systems. Presently, it is evident that the field of database management systems has evolved into one of the most complex yet resourceful software systems that is known to man.

Though it might not have crossed your mind, databases are everywhere. For many of the services we utilize during our day-to-day living, databases are surprisingly responsible. Databases simply run our lives and this can be seen with our everyday online television and movie streaming, online gaming, social media and online storage systems (personal cloud storage).

In the business world, databases are more like the most sought after backbone. From small businesses to high-tech industries, the commonality between the two is nothing but data. Small and big organizations are concerned about data storage, data transaction, and data modification. Expert views from remote IT professionals also indicate that database is a huge deal for companies and organizations that are looking for effective, efficient, reliable and secure means of handling data.

Read on for a well-detailed list of the most prevailing database systems which are empowering businesses regardless of how high-tech or simple they are.

  1. Teradata Database

Today, many large scale and high-tech companies are run by Teradata Database and it is for this reason that Teradata is referred to as a ‘very large database system.’ It’s no secret; Teradata is a powerful and high performance analytical database system that is used to manage large data warehousing services.

  1. Oracle Enterprise ServerDatabase

This is the best relational database management system (RDBMS) that is used to run most IT industries. For database administrators who want to make something out of their career, it is best to familiarize yourself with Oracle Database. This database is increasingly becoming the most preferred in big corporations, large scale data centers and even in government agencies.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Database

Microsoft SQL Server Database is a well-known database software that is providing users with data management and business intelligence tools. Owing to the fact that Microsoft SQL Server Database is competing with Oracle, it is now finding its way up by providing high performance applications and faster data retrieval systems. The education sector (schools, universities and education agencies) depends highly depends on Microsoft SQL Server Databases like Microsoft Excel.

  1. MySQL Database

This is the most popular database for most web-based business applications. Most dynamic websites today are run by MySQL database including WordPress, Facebook, Google and Adobe.

  1. Microsoft Access Database

This is the most known desktop database for windows and as much as this database is classified as a desktop database, it can also run most e-commerce and content management systems.