EJ Dalius on common fears of entrepreneurs and tips to overcome them

Being an entrepreneur can be quite a glamorous job, but only if you are willing to tackle the challenges. You need to be serious about it, both in commitment and the hard work you need to put in. If you do not prepare yourself right, you will start self-doubting and become prone to fears due to the extremely competitive nature of the market.

What does Eric Dalius think about entrepreneur fears?

According to an expert marketer and entrepreneur Eric J Dalius, fear is not irrational. There are several instances of failure that you can encounter while building up your career in entrepreneurial ventures. The more people you meet and gain experience, the more you will find stories of failures, and that can become a dampener to the spirit. However, according toEric Dalius, there is a way to cope with it. Often, the only trick is to get on with it. But, more on that in the following section.

Eric J Dalius explains start-up failures and fear

There is no doubt that start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures are fraught with risks, and there are many instances of total failures. It is quite natural for the newcomers to stay on the tentative side when making business decisions. That is one of the main reasons many youngsters do not want to start innovating even with the requisite skills.

However, EJ Dalius would want you to know that you can achieve greatness only if we choose to move beyond the comfortable and explore the unknown. Yes, the chances of failures are high, but so are the chances of rewards. There will be rejections from customers, investors, and technical hiccups that will force you to re-strategize. At the end of the struggle, you can emerge victorious if you build up enough skill and knowledge to time the right decisions to perfection.

Tips on overcoming fears

The first step is acknowledging that you have fears, and it is a problem. Keep in mind you fear failure, and just through the power of positive thinking, you can drive yourself towards success. Understand that even with failures, the idea is to look at the results as experimentation has gone wrong, and no one gets it right in the first few go-arounds. Look at the results; assess your skill, preparation, and strategy. It will allow you to plan better and learn from your mistakes.

If you are worried about facing rejections, keep in mind there is a better way of handling them. It is better to face rejections on what they stand for, which is personal choices. Just because an unenthusiastic crowd met your idea doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. You might be looking in the wrong market.

If you doubt your skills and that is your main fear, you need to learn to be objective. Keep in mind that it is all in your head, and you need to remain positive, no matter the situation. You will deal with multiple challenges and always with varied results. All the best!