Eric J Dalius: The common fears of every entrepreneur and ways to tackle them

It can sound glamorous to become tackle an entrepreneur, but when you start considering it seriously, a sudden sense of fear can invade you. Questions about failures, people’s opinion about how you are doing, not getting enough customers, and others can bother you. Some take this as a sign that this journey is not for them. You can also go through a variety of such emotions. But fear is natural. Since a lot is going to be at stake, you have more reasons to feel so. There is no magical potion to remove it. It would help if you were neither ignorant about having such feelings.

Eric J Dalius suggests you have to recognize and handle this type of teething problem to get through it.  Here are the apparent fears that most to-be entrepreneurs face and techniques to conquer them so that you don’t stop exploring your potential.

The fears about starting up by Ej Dalius

Starting a business is a high-risk thing. Hence, it is not unusual to worry about failures. New and young business people are going to have this phobia more. About 33% of Americans in a survey confessed that they don’t pursue their entrepreneurial dreams for the same reason. Another thing that can also prevent you from taking a step is the fear of unknown or uncertainty. Usually, human beings like to choose that is easy and comfortable. And this being a new territory, experiencing a sense of resistance is also possible, says Ej Dalius.

Besides, some people worry about rejections that they may have to suffer in the hands of investors or customers, while others can stop in tracks assuming their well-wishers might ridicule their decision. Additionally, the doubt about their capabilities and the chances of success can also demoralize.

Eric Dalius: How to overcome fears?

As the experts say, things can ease out by acknowledging the fact that there is a problem. If you fear failure, you need to remind yourself that it can ultimately pave the way for your success. You have to see it as experimentation that didn’t work. The fear of uncertainty will be relevant only until you take a step forward and give yourself a chance. Once you set yourself up for the challenge, the fear of the unknown will gradually disappear.

Experienced entrepreneurs like Eric Dalius also talk about handling rejections. The seasoned experts suggest that you should not give up just because somebody rejected your idea. Some may not approve of your choices, but there can be many others who genuinely appreciate your efforts. You have to work towards finding and connecting with them. 

As far as the doubts about your skills and succeeding go, you have to be objective about them. You need to arrive at the point that these are merely emotions triggered by inevitable stress or anxiety. You have to maintain a positive mind and attitude. And about the limited chances of success, you will be dealing with multiple challenges; some will solve, and some will persist. If you are persistent, you will find a way through them.

In essence, entrepreneurship is a huge challenge and considerable risk. But nothing can compare to the joy of becoming successful at this. And to experience it, you have to take a step.