Patrick Henry Maddren Tells You to Eat Healthy during COVID-19

Though maintaining social distancing and staying safe at home are the best ways to fight the corona crisis, eating well is equally important for staying healthy and boosting your immunity. Therefore, you need to adhere to your doctor’s dietary guidelines to ensure you intake the right nutrients with your daily meal.

According to an article published on, eat a combination of maize, wheat, and rice together with beans, lentils, loads of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with eggs, meat, milk, and fish. Therefore, if you want to stay well, here are some healthy eating tips during the pandemic:

Patrick Henry Maddren prefers whole grains

Eat more whole grains instead of refined grains because the former retains its structure, preserving those layers having the vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Moreover, whole grains are an essential source of carbohydrates that give you more energy to help you feel full for a long time. This way, you have fewer cravings and do not overeat.

Eat loads of fresh vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the essential foods for providing the human body with vitamins, minerals, and fiberfor better health and immune system functioning.Try to eat five portions (approx 400 grams) of vegetables and fruits daily. Frozen, fresh, dried, canned, and even juiced versions all mean a portion. Take at least one serving every day.

Sincediverse colored vegetables and fruitsoffermany combinations of minerals, vitamins,as well as phytochemicals, Patrick Henry Maddren suggests youinclude more variety of fresh vegetables and fruitsto your daily diet whenever possible.

Limit the portion sizes

It is not easy to get your portion size correct, especially when you eat home-cooked meals. Figuring out what the right portion will look like will help you maintain the energy balance to avoid overeating or less eating. Then, not all foods have similar portion sizes. You can consult your dietician to learn more about portion sizes to eat healthily. Different foods have different portion sizes, which your dietician will tell you. Again, kid’s portion sizes are smaller, compared to adults.

Eat unsaturated fats

Though fatsare an essential part of a nutritious diet, not all fats are healthy for you. That is why you need to include unsaturated fats to your daily meal to reduce your LDL or bad cholesterol and prevent the risks associated with cardiovascular problems.

Reduce the consumption of foods like fatty meats, dairy items with high fat, as well as tropical oils such as coconut oil. Eat more of oily fish, nuts, as well as rapeseed and olive oil derived from plants.

Eat more plant and animal-based proteins

Include more plant and animal-based proteins in your diet including pulses, beans, eggs, fish, meats, and dairy items. Adults should take 0.83 grams of protein for kilogram body weight daily, which is equivalent to 58 grams per day for a 70 kg adult. You can also eat canned fish and meat, but pick reduced salt and fat varieties.


Now that you have these tips handy, you can start eating healthy and stay well during the corona pandemic. Take the right nutrients to boost immunity.