Michael Giannulis explains distinct ways to boost employee engagement and build confidence

Michael Giannulis the current business environment is highly competitive, like never before. The recent business companies and organizations worldwide get confronted with changes that most of them can hardly manage. These changes require them to grow shortly with limited resources. As a result, managers need to educate themselves on various digital tools and equipment to work with the team and adequately confront business goals properly.

Many business owners accept the fact that employees are the most significant asset of the enterprise. When the majority of the employees are engaged in the work, it creates a positive work environment. These days, companies count on their employees’ commitment, energy, and engagement to survive and flourish amid competition.

Mike Giannulis provides ways for leading your company towards success

Put the right individual in the exact position: try to ensure that you have the right individuals suitable for a particular situation. It means that talent acquisition and retention methods must align with the company goals. Along with technical skills, soft skills and behavior need consideration before hiring an individual. As per Mike Giannulis, try to look for quality enthusiasm, integrity, and willingness to learn. A sense of humor and sincere interest in the business is equally significant to create a conducive work environment.

Proper training of the employees: every manager must be aware that they can build a culture of accountability and trust only when they have a team working behind it. It means providing the employees with suitable training as well as development while removing obstacles. You have to identify each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and offer them with required training, which gets tailored to enhance their strong points.

Transparent and consistent communication: one mistake entrepreneurs make when considering that employees can handle good news while never getting exposed to business challenges. However, it is not the right approach. Every business organization must set a typical time for reviewing business results and thereby conveying these results to the employees to give them an accurate picture of the organization’s current status. Furthermore, ask the employees for their queries and suggestions that you might incorporate in your business plan.

Values: values are an integral part of every business venture. They represent instruments that help employees do what is essential for the organization and guide them towards the decision they have to make. Those managers who conduct themselves by the company values develop feelings among employees that you may trust them. The vision and mission of the company must get reflected in the activities of the organization. In case there is a discrepancy between the values of the owner and the employees’ values, it will destroy the trust and credibility.

An organization requires both internal and external efforts. Both these battlefields require equal attention. By focusing all your attention on external branding, you will neglect the internal environment, which is hardly desirable. Efforts for building trust and boosting the engagement of employees in the organization need prioritization.