Hire DBA Experts to get Best Solution for Database Recovery

Your employees can feel paralyzed if you cannot recover their Oracle system. This has become one of the most vital concerns for companies in the IT industry. Oracle recovery system is definitely one of the toughest jobs in the industry, as even professional DBAs find it difficult to solve such issues related to their database system.

It has been reported that many Oracle DBAs from the industry have not done this job before and experienced professionals who have done the job have acknowledged the complexity of the task without any hesitation.

However, if your database system is running in critical condition and immediately needs recovery then you must contact the DBA experts who can solve your problem in assured time. Let us explore the causes of bad system and precautions you should take to prevent your database system from facing recovery.

Bad Media

It has been found that many organizations do not scrutinize the media to make sure that database is written off on the backup tape or disk. Many databases remain empty or incomplete even after writing the backup. However, in order to ensure the parity errors, many companies re-read their backups.

Cold Backup in Running Database

This is one of the most common Oracle backup errors. Since the system changes the numbers in the file headers, Oracle does not open the database system when you try to restore the media.

Bad Hot Backups

Hot backups are very tricky and most of them will not work properly. However, you can let the backup to perform in many ways, as your DBAs can test the backup for recovery. If they do not want to test their data recovery capability, then you should, at least, get a CYI memo from the company management.

Avoid Force Open a Bad Recovery

If you are sensing the need to recover your database, then you should learn first that if you have a corrupted Oracle database, then your database will not open and function.

Oracle has its own way to prevent serious complications by applying manual repair method to thousands of corrupt database systems. However, if you find that your database is not opening even after recovery, then you can have three preferences:

  • Go to the previous backup
  • Restore initial database setup
  • Open the database forcibly
  1. Go to the Previous Backup

It is much better to go back to the earlier backup than using repair Oracle, which has been once damaged from corruption.

  1. Restore Initial Database Setup

The process will allow you to have less manual repair time than forcing your database system to work with a bad recovery.

  1. Open Database Forcibly

Opening the corrupt database forcibly is probably the last option one can apply while working with the corrupt database. However, the process should be done only with certified remote DBA experts, so that you would not have to face any further damage in the process of database recovery.

Professional DBAs to Take Care of Your Database System

If your database system is under the custody of proficient DBAs, then you should be aware of the fact that DBAs will be prudent and vigilant to their mission of protecting your database from corruption.

DBA Experts can provide you the best solution for the problem and that is why most of the companies from the IT industry prefer to hire highly professional DBA experts to fix all the issues related to their database system. Experienced DBAs can also provide you various alternative solutions that can bring your database system in its best form.