Businesses should ensure employee safety during the COVID-19 unlock phase – Best practices by EJ Dalius

Novel coronavirus has disrupted our lives, the economy, and business! The lockdown and unlock phases are initiated safety by governments across the globe, in an attempt to flatten the curve for the virus. Right with offices, retail outlets, banks, business houses, corporate organizations being functional, people has to get more careful. That is not all! Businesses of all sizes should ensure employee safety.

The best employee safety practices

Employees all over the world are demanding work from home facility. They are dreading to venture out. While the work from home facility works for a few organizations, it doesn’t work for many other offices, such as hospitals, banks, retail outlets, eateries, and many others. EJ Dalius, an expert marketing professional, shares the best practices for employee security during the global pandemic.

  1. Reduce the number of staff

Social distancing is the order of the day. Hence, people must limit their entry to the office or working space as much as possible. Check the number of employees you need for a day? Make sure that you call only those who are essential to complete that day’s work? Plan by day, instead of week. Ensure that everyone sits at a distance and maintains the safety protocols of sanitation, wearing a mask, and not barging into each other’s space. Alternatively, check the body temperature as your employees enter the office. Keep equal security equipments and tools for everyone, from the janitor to the manager. 

2. Sanitize the company vehicle

Is there are a company vehicle through which employees travel? If yes, then you need to sanitize that vehicle every day before and after the employee commute. Eric Dalius suggests that it is a smart call to appoint a professional service provider for this so that the vehicle gets sanitized thoroughly. 

3. Reduce in-office working days

Other than reducing the number of staff, you should also try and reduce the in-office working days. Visiting the office every alternate day is a smart idea. That way, you can limit your exposure outside and lessen the chances of community transmission. Sit with your employees and decide on the days when they are willing to work based on turns, instead of calling everyone to the office

4. Have immunity boosters at office

Since, it’s essential to increase your immunity right now, make sure that your office has immunity boosters. You can keep herbal concoctions that employees can warm and drink as they work. If there’s a pantry, you can order healthy food parcels for your limited staff. Make sure that you maintain cleanliness as you arrange for food and other immunity boosters.

5. Eliminate travel

Don’t let your employees travel during this phase. If there are business development meetings or client meets, use a video conferencing tool to arrange the same. Similarly, don’t call recruits to your office for an initial interview round. Use online tools to get it done. That way, there will be lesser exposure to foreign particles and bacteria.

Every company is resorting to practices that would help to stay away from contamination. The ways mentioned above can help you stay organized and safely carry on with your business during this pandemic phase.