Assistance of Remote DBA Experts Can Benefit Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are spending scores of money to make improvements in their product or service offerings. However, success could not be attained at some occasions. The simple reason for failure is that the company has not spent substantial time on capturing real time data and creating a collaborative work environment. Managing data is a challenging task including integration activities. Companies which are smart, have found that by outsourcing the database management task to a remote DBA service can help them save scores of sums and attain customer satisfaction.

Go Through These Examples

Novartis has formulated a new drug Onbrez that cures emphysema. The Swiss drugmaker has found that patients need information on this drug readily. Therefore, it has partnered with Qualcomm, the US technology firm for developing an inhaler, which has the capability of sending information to cloud through the Internet.

Such medical advancement allows patients to keep track of their dosage on their tablets or smartphones. The technology also allows doctors to access the patient’s data through internet and analyze health conditions.

Like Novartis, Roche has partnered with Qualcomm for maintaining database in cloud. Medtronic, the healthcare device maker has collaborated with Glooko for getting valuable insights on data analytics that would help in making apt decisions.

You can see how pharmaceutical giants are attaining operational excellence by deploying database management solutions. Remote DBA professionals offer expert views for utilizing data in efficient manner. This allows a company to stay ahead of competition as well.

Pharmaceutical Companies are Exploring Big Data Opportunity

The big-data opportunity has gripped complex business environment. In the pharmaceutical sector, data is generated from various sources. The sources include caregivers, patients, retailers, R&D professionals and others. Effective utilization of data allows in formulation potential medicines.

Remote DBA Support Can Help At Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling of biological processes has reached the sophistication stage. Remote DBA support can help pharmaceutical companies to leverage the diversity of available clinical and molecular data. Predictive modeling allows for identification of potential candidate molecules that can be developed into drugs successfully and can be tested on biological targets safely.

Facilitate Trials

Before conducting trial, you have to look at the safety parameters. Remote DBA support can allow you to monitor trials in real time easily. The database that would be generated would help you to identify safety signals, which prevent you from facing costly issues and delays.

Patients can easily be identified for undergoing clinical trials. The criteria to include patients in a clinical trial can take more factors into account for targeting specific populations. Remote DBA support can enable trials that are short, less expensive and robust.

Smooth Data Flow

Rigid data cannot be used instantly. Remote DBA support allows capturing of data through electronic means and ensures that the data flows smoothly between functions. The smooth flow of data is crucial for powering the predictive analysis, which in turn generates business value.

Integrating Data

Procuring reliable, consistent and well-linked data is the prime challenge, which pharmaceutical companies face often. The ability of managing and integrating data that are generated at every stage of the value chain is the key requirement to draw maximum benefits.

Deploying data integration techniques helps in creating authoritative source and links disparate data whether it is external or internal. DBA support facilitates data integration that triggers comprehensive searches for subsets of data built on linkages.

By hiring remote DBA expert, a pharmaceutical company can be benefited in number of ways. Such DBA support aims at improving the linkage of data elements. The expertise of DBA professional also allows you to make improvements in medical affairs and clinical developments