Why Hadoop for Big Data: Insight from Remote DBA Experts

If there’s one synonym for contagious that the world would unanimously agree with, it must be Hadoop. Implementation of Hadoop in one company can result in subsequent implementation in related organisations. Its efficiency in handling big data is unfathomable. What makes Hadoop so incredible when it comes to handling big data? Maybe it’s time you find out!

  • High Scalability

Hadoop makes it possible to add new nodes to the system without alteration of pre-existing data formats. That is the ideal definition of scalability. With Hadoop, you do not have to change how data is loaded or writing of programs to be able to add a new node. Even more, it is error-tolerant. When a node goes out of service, the system is able to relocate the ongoing work to a different location of the data and continue with the processing.

  • More Flexible

Apparently, less than 20% of data in organisations is structured. Managing the unstructured data therefore becomes a great concern. The flexibility of Hadoop allows for management of all types of data; structured, unstructured, encoded and even formatted. This eases the decision-making process. What’s more, the fact that Hadoop chiefly supports Java programming doesn’t lock out other languages. By using MapReduce technique, it is possible to use any programming language with Hadoop. When it comes to Operating Systems, it is possible to work with this Big Data Platform on Windows, Linux OS X, and even BSD.

  • Cost Effective

No one wants to be left out when it comes to saving money on big data. Hadoop brings large parallel computing to commodity servers. The result is reduction of storage costs, making it possible to model all your data without necessarily spending so much money. Ideally, Hadoop allows for large-scale data handling at affordable rates.

  • Every Major Start-up is going for it

Nearly all the emerging technologies are going for Hadoop when it comes to handling of big data. That is reason enough for anyone who wants to deal with big data to prefer Hadoop. Hadoop opens a wide platform for easy technical advancement. That makes it a good choice of package for anyone considering the possibility of expansion in the future (nearly every start-up aims for that!)

  • Easier for Cloud Computing

Merging of cloud computing and Hadoop has made management of big data even easier and more efficient. With this trend, Hadoop will soon be one of the most integral apps necessary for cloud computing.

  • Rich Ecosystem

Yet another reason why Hadoop has gained popularity for big data is its robust ecosystem. This structure makes it possible for Hadoop to provide the analytical needs for web start-ups, developers, and big organisations. The varied projects contained in Hadoop Ecosystem like Hive, Hbase, MapReduce, and Apache Pig Zookeeper make it preferable for delivery of a wide range of services.

Apparently, it is obvious why Hadoop has gained so much popularity and relevance with big data handling. With so many benefits being associated with its use, one would have to be nuts not to go for it!