How to Become One of the Advanced SQL Remote Database Experts

Ask teenagers around what they would like to become when they are done with school and you will hear the usual things: doctor, lawyer, engineer and so forth. The funniest thing is that some people do not know what these professionals do. It is therefore not a surprise that a majority of the world population has no idea what database administrators do. In their defense though, this is a relatively young field when you consider the technology that is available for the job. The work of database administrator (DBA) revolves around designing, implementing and managing an organization’s database system.

They work together with the management to come up with the procedures and the policies that are going to govern management, maintenance, usage and the security of the database system within the organization. There are different database storage and management systems that are available but all of them require average knowledge of IT. The more information you have in this field, the more you will be able to get into the field of database administration.

What database experts require when starting off

If you would like to start out as an SQL DBA and become a really good one at it then there are several things that you will need. To start with, you require more than an average understanding and knowledge of the database systems that are available today. As above mentioned, there are so many of these systems in the market and each has something that it has to offer different from the next. When you know how to use and apply various systems then you will be on your way to great success in this field.

Second, you require a good knowledge of operating systems and storage methods. The biggest challenge that most data handlers struggle with is storage. There are several storage methods that are available and each works excellently for certain kinds of databases but it might fail to work for others.

Having .net and T-SQL coding knowledge is also beneficial. On top of this, you will need to add analytical and communication skills. Dedicate yourself to working long hours because this is one of the things that database experts have to struggle with. When you become a DBA you will be sleeping over at your place of work sometimes. This is especially so when you are a remote DBA. You will be working for companies that have tons of data flowing into their databases and it is important to make sure that this data is of excellent quality at all times.

Advancing to become expert of database experts

To start out those are the skills that you will require. However, at some point you would like to move from just an SQL DBA to become an advanced DBA. In order to achieve this you will need several things including:

  1. Concrete knowledge of enterprise software plus intermediate SQL server database administration skills.
  2. Above average skills of administration in Dependent Applications like WebSphere, SharePoint and Business Objects
  3. Experience in the deployment of other software including the interactions with the teams responsible for coding .Net, distributed transactions, connectivity and others.

Advanced knowledge in things like disaster recovery, security management, general recovery and performance.