Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c and Discover Power Beyond Belief

There are databases and there is Oracle. Oracle is on another level of excellence. It is one of the most powerful databases on this planet. It offers impressive quality of services and that is why it ranks at the top of list as the best database for businesses. The moment you use this database for the first time, you will feel a great difference. You are going to discover a whole new world of power and performance that you probably did not know could possibly be found in a database.

Just like with everything new, you might have a bit of a problem getting started with Oracle. However, with time you are going to learn the ropes and will find Oracle to be the most user-friendly as well as efficient database. Upgrading to Oracle 12c is probably going to be one of the biggest turning points in your business. This is one of the many Oracle versions. It is excellent for businesses of all kinds, from the largest of multinational companies to small startup businesses. This is IT for the future generation of data management.

Data infrastructure consolidation

One of the biggest challenges in database management is gaining the cost benefits that are associated with running multiple databases on the same server. You will probably have to sacrifice a lot on growth, optimization and access of each of the databases. The Oracle database 12c’ pluggable database feature makes it possible for you to reduce these costs. This is by consolidating several databases into one and isolating applications. All the while, they will be sharing the same memory systems.

Moving the consolidated databases between servers will also be very easy. The performance of the consolidated databases does not have to suffer simply because one database has grown too much. These pluggable databases bring with them increased scalability and flexibility. Owing to internet technology, it can be accessed remotely. Simply get a team of the best remote DBA experts and you will be good to go. These professionals make it possible for you to get the best from your data IT and they do not charge a fortune for their services.

Simplified data lifecycle management

The value of data changes greatly as time goes by. When you complete a purchase today, for instance, this data will probably be useful in the near future. This is because it impacts other parts of the business. However, a purchase that was made ten years ago will only be exciting from the statistical perspective. The data tiering feature that comes with Oracle Database 12c makes it possible for you to manage the lifecycle of information that is being generated by your business. It moves data to various types of storage based on the usage of the said data.

These are just some of the main benefits that you will get to enjoy when you upgrade your business’ IT infrastructure to Oracle Database 12c. It is undeniably the best of database systems in the market. The best thing about it is that it makes data management simpler thanks to its user-friendliness and simplicity.