Education and Skills Required to Become Oracle DBA Experts

There is no doubt that Oracle is one of the most complex and sophisticated databases in the world and professionals associated with the organization dealing with the database are comprised with adequate education and technical knowledge. If you are interested in joining the organization dealing with Oracle database, then you should make yourself updated with required qualification to do the job.

Before trying to make yourself an expert of Oracle database, you should get proper training with appropriate experience in computer science. You should know that the job of DBA is highly sensitive and every DBA has to play an efficient role in managing the database for an organization. However, an Oracle DBA often considered as a senior manager for an organization who bears more responsibilities than the vice president. In this article, we will discuss the ways through which one can become an Oracle DBA.

Responsibility of DBA Job

There is no doubt that the job of DBA is high salaried and one can enjoy it with high esteem, but you should be aware with the fact that a career in DBA profession requires years of preparation, without which it would not be possible for someone to become an Oracle DBA professional.

The job of an Oracle DBA can be highly stressful and requires 24×7 days commitment. In addition, many agencies are providing on call DBA services to the companies using Oracle Database. People who are associated with the industry know that they will have to keep-up with constantly changing technology; otherwise, they will become less productive in this highly competitive market.

Advanced Degree in Business

One of the most important facts related with the job of Oracle Remote DBA experts is that each professional in the industry has a degree in business administration given by the recognized business schools.

You may find it very difficult to get a job of Oracle DBA if you do not have knowledge in business administration, because modern organizations like to invest more on the professionals who will understand their business better apart from their technical skills.

Database Administration Skills and Experience

If you want to pursue a career as an Oracle DBA professional, then you must know that each Oracle DBA working in the industry is comprised with at least five years of DBA experience. Oracle often provides certificates such as OCM and OCP. Apart from Oracle Application Server, professional associated with Oracle DBA always keep-up themselves with latest technologies like JDeveloper, Java, J2EE, Apache etc.

 Should Have Great Communication Skill

Outstanding communication skill is highly required for an Oracle DBA, because every Oracle DBA will have to interact with user community. Recruiters always give prior to the candidates who come with college-level communication skills. A candidate should interact with others clearly and sharply, no matter if it is oral or written interaction.

Courses Needed for DBA Job

A student pursuing degrees in IT and CS follow courses like Operations Research, where they can learn a lot about complex decision rules and how to apply them in real datasets.  However, DSS and AI can also be a good course to follow that can prepare the candidate to have a career in Oracle DBA.

College Degree for DBA

Today, organizations are looking for both technical and managerial skills among new candidates and they always prefer people with degree in computer science and MBA in information systems.

Several companies look out for DBAs who can understand the field of business along with all technical features related with the organization.  Most of the modern companies prefer candidates who come from top level business schools and technical institutions, because the job of a DBA is laden with multiple responsibilities that can be maintained and addressed by only properly educated and experienced candidates.