7 Reasons why IT Firms are using Remote DBA Experts

IT businesses store and manage loads of sensitive information about their clients (individuals and governments) in a centralized DBMS. Through the centralized system, your company will ensure data security, have robust systems to ensure data integrity, carry out audits on log-ins, undertake abstraction of data and provide simple access through the standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The cost of running these processes will be high.

In-house Database Administrators and managers are expensive, and the current economic crisis and cash crunches being experienced only make things worse. As a result of the financial effects, budgets are cut down through alternative database management means.

Why Remote DBA Experts?

  1. Cloud-based database management systems

Many technological advances have been made in the recent past. Having your databases managed from wherever around the globe offers incredible opportunities for having remotely stationed database administrators.

  1. Perfect Professional profiles

Even the highest ranked IT companies like Oracle and Microsoft can attest to this. Highly skilled database administrators with the best and right set of experience are very hard to come by. These administrators need to undertake some tests often to keep them on top of the game and keep up with the highly dynamic IT field.

An administrator needs to handle application implementation and overall design. They also need in depth knowledge of business management, quality control, sales, finance and maybe some manufacturing skills. Finding such accomplished professionals is problematic because the applicants will require advanced degrees. Therefore, pooling resources remotely is the most viable solution.

  1. Talent Pool

An administrator that manages Oracle databases, for example, has to master a myriad of complex systems. It is however difficult to find one individual with skills in data warehousing, performance tuning and support for Oracle applications. Resource/ talent pooling is the only solution in most cases. You’ll find that this affects other professions too. For example, doctors.

Getting the best team of remote DBA will give you much needed expert views and insulate you from losses resulting from minutes lost by beginners or inexperienced administrators.

  1. High In-house Training Costs

In-House training programs are very costly and they do not give assurance of every trainer learning every needed bit of system. For instance, an Oracle DBA training program may cost over $50,000 but trainers might opt out immediately after. This can run a company into major losses. Expert views from experienced database administrators, remotely located, save a company much money.

  1. Customized Services

You only purchase the specific service required. As a result, you spend less because you obtain specific services from an experienced individual/ company. This is an important factor for most companies. Outsourcing is seen as the best money saving remedy with the best quality services offered because of specialization.

  1. Peace of mind

As an IT manager, human errors resulting from inexperience can cost you a big client. Outsourcing database management to experienced groups gives you peace because you know that your administrator is very experienced.

  1. Remote Monitoring

The remote DBA experts have very sophisticated proprietary scripts with automatic database reporting.  They give pre-outage alerts, trend reports, and capacity planning, tuning reports and exception reports. These systems might not be afforded in-house making remote DBA the best alternative.

Services like enterprise-class MySQL and MongoDB are offered by several companies. You can therefore seek their expert views on these and other database management systems at low costs. Custom- made solutions offered supplement in-house resources while other remote experts offer fully packaged data management services.

As the business manager, business intelligence metrics help you gauge your business operations therefore; you need the best hands with the best tools on your work.