Why NoSQL is there to Stay: Remote DBA Experts Explain

If there is one noticeable fact in the corporate world, it is that many businesses are shifting to digital economy. It is the kind of economy characterised by internet, social media and cloud computing. The normal interaction between customers and business partners is centred on the web, Internet of Things and Mobile. The success of such relations is what determines customers’ loyalty.

To be able to support large numbers of users in such businesses, handle semi-structured data, adapt to the rapidly changing corporate world, and deliver highly responsive experiences, entities require something beyond the common relational databases. That is where NoSQL database technology comes in.

  • What’s with NoSQL?

Apparently, NoSQL offers more support and credibility for businesses as compared to general relational databases. What makes this technology even more relevant and useful is the fact that it addresses several digital trends experienced in the market today. What are some of these trends and how best does NoSQL address them?

  • The World is Going Mobile

This is one of those undoubtable facts that NoSQL has been able to focus on. NoSQL allows for creation of offline apps which do not require internet connection to operate. Yet again, the increased use of mobile phones has created the need for support of multiple mobile platforms with a single backend. NoSQL database provided a solution to this.

  • More Applications are moving to the Cloud

What this means to businesses is the ability to support more customers and store more data. Businesses must also be ready to take their operations to global stages. Most importantly, this requires businesses to be able to achieve faster time market. Such needs cannot be met easily by the existing relational databases and that is where NoSQL comes in.

  • Increased Concern of big data

Well, there is no doubt that big data is growing even bigger with each passing day. What it means to businesses is that there is need to provide sufficient storage for customers’ semi-structured and unstructured data. This also calls for storing of data from different sources all in one place for ease of access. Even more, there will be increased need for businesses to store and use data generated by thousands or millions of customers across the globe. Ideally, nothing seems to make such demands more possible than practical application of NoSQL.

  • Customers are going Online

This emerging trend means businesses and their online websites must be optimised to handle thousands, if not millions, of customers. To be able to catch up with this emerging need, businesses will need to ensure maintenance of 24/7 availability. Adept application of NoSQL tends to provide solutions to these needs.

Most of the existing relational databases were developed well before the emergence of rapid internet use. To be able to remain relevant in the competitive digital economy, businesses require upgrade. The need to embrace more palatable and effective technology is inevitable, making NoSQL a strong force; almost a necessity for every business in the coming years.