Why Do Remote DBA Experts Think That NoSQL Would Remain Popular?

One fact that is being witnessed in the corporate sector is that several businesses are switching over to digital economy. You must be aware that digital economy is a type of economy that is characterized by Social Media, Internet and Cloud Computing. The interaction between the business partners and the customers is basically focused on the web, Internet of Things, as well as, Mobile. A customer’s allegiance is determined by the success of such interactions & relations.

You need to think beyond the usual relational databases if you need to support massive numbers of users associated with such businesses, tackle semi-structured data, adapt to the hastily fluctuating corporate world and also deliver tremendously responsive experiences. That is exactly where and why NoSQL database technology is required to come in.

Why NoSQL?

According to remote Database administrators, NoSQL provides more credibility and support for businesses than usual relational databases. It addresses numerous digital trends that are experienced currently in the market, and that makes this technology more effective and relevant. Here we would be discussing some features of NoSQL databases.

Some Characteristics of NoSQL

Some outstanding characteristics of NoSQL are:

  • Dynamic unstructured, semi-structured and structured data in enormous volumes.
  • The capability to carry out fast iterations to schemas. Also, agile database development.
  • The Code is being pushed quite frequently to the database.
  • Object Oriented Programming could effectively be used for constructing applications in the database.
  • Permits really scaled-out database architecture which could be distributed over an extensive geographical area.

Mobile Rules the Day

The world is increasingly going mobile and NoSQL has been focusing primarily on this very fact. NoSQL is known to allow for offline applications that do not need an Internet connection for working. Moreover, the increased mobile phone usage has generated the requirement for multiple mobile platforms having only a single backend. NoSQL database has been effective in coming up with a solution for this.

More and More Applications Are Switching Over to the Cloud

For businesses, this would mean the ability to store more data and support more customers. Businesses should be prepared to shift their operations rapidly to the next level, the global stages. This necessitates businesses to attain faster time to market. Such precise requirements would not be catered effectively by the current relational databases and so that is exactly where NoSQL steps in.

Increased Big Data Concern

Big data is growing bigger and bigger with every passing day and there is not an iota of doubt about it. This means that businesses should be prepared and adequately equipped to provide ample storage for their customers’ unstructured and semi-structured data. This also necessitates storage of data from diverse sources into one single place for easy accessibility. There would be an explosion in the need for businesses not only for storing but even using data that is generated by millions of clients across the world. Currently, only NoSQL has the ability to fulfill such demands.

Customers Are Becoming Internet Savvy

More and more customers are taking to the internet, and this just means that all websites for businesses must be fully optimized to handle traffic in the thousands or even the millions. 24×7 availability is a must, and adept implementation of NoSQL databases is the perfect solution to all these issues.


Relational databases worked brilliantly and still are able to pull substantial workloads on local machines, but were never designed to support extensive internet use or access. If you want your business to be taken seriously and also to be able to handle the load of the new age, it is important to upgrade your schema to a robust NoSQL structure.

NoSQL was designed and improved upon keeping the scalability needs of modern Web2.0 apps and services in mind, and is hence, also geared towards business intelligence and efficient mining. Although there are very few ad-hoc query generation facilities and a lack of support for standard BI tools for NoSQL, there are several applications which allow you to access Hadoop data clusters and query arrays of NoSQL databases rather efficiently.