What the Future Holds for DBA Consultant Career

The dba consultant profession is constantly revolutionising the corporate word. What is it like being a database administration consultant? What are the career prospects of a dba in this age and era we are in? No doubts, these are some of the most common questions surrounding the lucrative profession. However, only few people are keen enough to go deeper and ask the million-dollar question; with the rapid technological advancement, what will it be like being a dba consultant?

  • Is Technology Operations Space a threat to DBAs?

For dbas who have stayed long enough in this exciting realm, you might have noticed how automation and DevOps are changing the faces of DBA profession. As some might put it plainly, it is a threat to commodity dbas. Who are commodity DBAs? You are probably burning with that question. You wouldn’t have to wait longer. Well, the work of these professionals involves pre-defined activities like database software installation, password management, routine backups, deleting spaces, and configuration. For such category of people, there might not be decent jobs for you in future. Instead, the future of this profession belongs to a special group of people.

  • Ushering in dba consultants

Are dba consultants very different from the olden database administrators? It is a definite yes. Previously, people simply needed to learn a few software installation and configuration packages to be termed as dba. Well, it is different with dba consultant profession because the latter is more demanding. These professionals offer services that are more inclined towards rapid business development. Unlike commodity dbas, you cannot automate the services of dba consultants. For instance, you cannot automate performance optimisation of your database. Even more, there is no way you can automate the writing of high performance SQL or even manage wait events through automation. Interestingly, such services are critical for modern day business to thrive. Therefore, for companies that think they can do without the services of database administrator specialists, you might want to reconsider your options.

  • Better Days Ahead

For specialist DBAs, the future is promising and glamorous beyond anyone’s imaginations. Already the role of dba consultants is stretching far beyond operational functions. In the coming years, we are going to witness we are going to see these professionals edge closer to sensitive dockets like strategic decision making. With capabilities of building Optima SQL and Efficient Indexing and Concurrency, their profession is bound to be better and more exciting in future.

  • Conclusion

For dbas who want to remain relevant in this industry in a couple of years to come, you must be ready to up your game. It’s no secret that specialization is the key. In order to become a successful dba consultant, you must have concise understanding of architecture and internals of database platform. In addition, you must be aware of SQL and Indexes costs. Most importantly, you will have to sharpen your decision-making skills. This way, you are bound to remain relevant and productive as dba consultant in future!