What Remote DBA Experts Suggest regarding the Demand and Potential for the Data Analyst Job?

Data has become one of the most effective assets in the 21st century. The industries mostly rely on loads of data and need professional data analysts tremendously for its proper management. There is no doubt that data analysts are in high demand in almost every modern industry because creating and managing vast amount of data has become an indispensible job in most of the sectors.

There is no doubt that the role is highly fulfilling and lucrative and that is why many companies today treat data scientist and data analyst in the same way. Modern companies are well aware of the fact that data is useless if someone does not organize and evaluate it with actionable insights and this is where they need a professional database analyst. In this article, we will talk about why it is important to take help of data analysts for a flawless run of any process and the demand for these professionals in the market.

High Demand for Data Analysts

Industries such as medicine and manufacturing have already fulfilled a potential to capitalize on the deep data pool that was available to change the way of how products are made and distributed in the market and how all the processes are done and optimized.

Today companies are trying to find analysts who have developed expertise in programming, machine learning, statistics, data visualization and data managing. A highly professional data analyst should come with great technical skills so that the person can be able to extract data and conduct statistical analysis.

Along with this, an experienced data analyst should have the ability to find patterns and irregularities in the process so that he can offer expert advice whenever needed. According to experts, a professional data analyst should have a clear idea about the nature of business he or she is working at.

Talent Will Make the Cut

You will be happy to learn that plenty of companies are eager to take talented data analysts for some of the most respectable jobs in the industry. According to a survey, the United States could experience the shortage of 140,000 to 19,000 professionals with adequate knowledge of data analysis by the end of 2018. The survey has also reported that that the US could face the scarcity of 1.5 million managers and analysts that are huge in terms of skilled and talented workforce.

Areas Offering Opportunities

Seeing the present condition of IT and other industries globally, one could easily say that jobs related with data development or management has been increasing in rapid pace.

Analyzing all the recruitment advertisements, experts suggest that along with big cities prime data analyst jobs are being offered even in the metropolitan and suburban areas. New York and San Francisco are offer 24% of total job postings while Washington D.C./Baltimore area accounts for the second most data job postings in the United States.

In the same way, Boston and Seattle both are offering 3% of data job posting. However, Los Angeles and Philadelphia are also not much behind in terms of data analyst requirements.

 Pay Scale for the Job of Data Analysts

Since the industry of data science is still rising, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has not introduced any plan for the pay scale of data analysts. However, according to a report, the average salary of a data analysis professional is more than $62,000 per annum.

Experts from the IT industry revealed that the huge requirement of data has created the demand for data analysts and today web and data jobs have become interconnected. The job of data analysts are closely related with data science, as some organizations give same priority to the database administrators, data engineers and data analysts.