The Key Responsibilities of Remote DBA Experts

As companies start becoming larger they would be dealing with an ever-increasing number of clients and suppliers. As a consequence, database administration becomes really complicated and challenging necessitating the intervention of database administrators who could chalk out efficient strategies for building and maintaining databases with enormous amounts of data. The boost in globalization means managers would require having easy access to online data 24×7 and any sort of disruptions could be seriously hampering production, sales, logistics and of course, the business reputation. Remote DBA specialists come into the picture for a smooth and effective management of your databases.

What Do You Mean by a DBA?

DBA is actually a database administrator who performs or directs all activities associated with maintaining a smooth and successful database. The chief responsibility of a database administrator is designing, implementing and also maintaining the database. Remote database administrators should be hired for assisting you with effective big data analysis. It is very important for you to outsource the service chiefly because:

  • A remote DBA is cost-effective and saves you money as you would not be hiring any in-house team for that job. You would be saving on office space, equipment and logistics as well.
  • You would be experiencing peace of mind since the responsibility of database management would be shifting from your organization to the professional and highly efficient remote DBA specialists. You no longer would worry about your in-house team going on leave or falling ill.
  • On an average in-house DBAs never stay on the same job for over 3 years. There is a perpetual risk of losing valuable institutional memory. This sort of risk is not applicable to remote DBA services.
  • A remote DBA specialist would be an integral part of an expert team and that implies that he would be possessing sound technical knowledge.
  • An in-house database administrator would be so busy with other things that he would not be finding time for regular monitoring, as well as, reporting. Remote DBA specialists would monitor and report on a regular basis.

Chief Responsibilities of Remote Database Administrators

Remote DBA services are actually tailored and customized as per the unique requirements of the infrastructure of each individual client.

Must Understand Client Infrastructure & Unique Needs

You cannot have a cookie-cutter approach to database support. Remote DBA specialists must appreciate and understand every aspect of the client’s infrastructure so that they could cater to the unique requirements of each client and provide effective administration. You must understand how a particular company uses critical applications or the precise roles of internal IT personnel and also, acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of the concerned infrastructure. You must provide appropriate remote DBA services suiting the precise requirements of each customer.

Must Be Good at Customer Communication

Communication is certainly the key to the success of any business relationship. Remote DBA specialists need to communicate constantly via emails, phone calls, and scheduled meetings according to the client’s communication preferences. Right from the very on-boarding step through the development of a mature and strong partnership, the remote DBA specialists focus on top quality customer communication.

In-charge of Installation, Configuration, Upgrade & Also Migration

These are actually routine duties of a DBA specialist. A DBA specialist needs to keep the database updated and must ensure routine checkups and consistent upgrades to avoid any anomalies. The more crucial information would be migrated to a safe and more secured servers while inspecting and analyzing.

Security & Backup

The privacy and security of the database servers of a website is the responsibility of the remote DBA specialists. Keeping a backup of any database is actually a routine yet crucial job for a remote database administrator. He is also required to perform regular security checks for any bugs, virus or some other elements which may cause any unwanted loss of data.


DBAs must possess a truly analytical mind with superb problem-solving capacity. Whenever anything goes wrong, it is the duty of a DBA to quickly and effectively identify the problem and minimize the damage caused by any breakdown. DBAs ensure that the data loss is kept to a bare minimum.


The responsibilities and duties of remote DBA specialists are constantly shifting. Even though the core aspect of a database administrator’s roles has remained very much the same, new developments impacting database management and organizational management operations necessitate DBA experts to undertake other responsibilities that would actually be regarded as unconventional.