MongoDB Integrating with WIredTiger – This is what Remote DBA Experts have to say

Data-driven applications are becoming more and more complex with the passing of time. Because of the complex nature of applications, the concept of ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to data storing has almost disappeared. The modern day scenario does not entertain the concept of single database storage that powers every type of application for an enterprise. Modern day applications need to support different types of workloads, with access to varied pricing and performance profiles, be it from the low latency impact to in-memory write & read applications, highly compressed active archives to real-time analytics.

Benefits of MongoDB

MongoDB can be extended with several new capabilities using pluggable storage engines while being configured for certain hardware architectures. Using this approach, there is an assured reduction in operational and developer complexity when compared to running multiple database technologies. The best part is that the storage engines can easily be mixed in the same sharded cluster or replica set. In fact, users can also leverage same MongoDB query language, scaling, operational tooling, security and data model across different applications, each being powered by various pluggable storage engines of MongoDB.

How users can benefit using MongoDB?

MongoDB offers the option to mix-n-match different storage engines while being within a single cluster of MongoDB. Such flexibility definitely helps in offering best support in handling diversified workloads. Without MongoDB, there would be a requirement for multiple database technologies for meeting these needs. The users and developers need to go through custom and complex code integration process to transfer data between technologies. There will also be varied approaches to strengthen the data security part while ensuring consistency in the process. But, MongoDB’s storage architecture is flexible enough to manage the database automatically. Using the native replication theory, MongoDB database manages the data movement between different storage engine technologies.  Such an approach has been proved to be highly significant in reducing the operational and developer complexity in comparison to running multiple database technologies.

Integrating with WiredTiger Storage Engine

MongoDB integrates the WiredTiger storage engine in 2014. WiredTiger is said to leverage innovative software algorithms and modern hardware architecture to handle the demanding apps, with power-packed industry-leading performances. WiredTiger is considered to be perfectly apt for different types of operational applications. Presently, it is the default storage engine for MongoDB. In fact, it is the starting point for every new application, unless there is a requirement for a specific set of capabilities in encrypted storage and in-memory engines.

Encrypted storage engines assure document level compression and concurrency control. Also, it offers support to the acceleration of decryption and encryption process for Intel’s AES-NI equipped CPUs. Encrypted storage engines encrypt only the updated storage blocks and not the entire database.

MongoDB is presently reliable and highly secured database architecture. Using the wide compatibility and encrypted storage engine feature, it can offer flexibility and real-time data access, with high security for the users. As a result, users can enjoy the highest level of storage efficiency and best all-round performance.