Is Oracle Funding A New Group On Anti-Google?

According to media reports, Oracle is looking forward to funding an anti-Google group based in Washington. This step is basically a campaign for accountability, as the project contains words, such as ‘transparency’. The website of the transparency project generally hosts the latest updates of the meetings between the representatives of the US Government and the Google executives.

Is It True? Though the news of the funding was not revealed at the beginning, an anonymous reporter of Fortune communicated with the executives of Oracle and has received the confirmation. They are claiming that they are partially funding the transparency project and did not disclose the other contributors.

Oracle: One Of the Contributors:  The Google transparency project possesses several contributors of funds. Oracle is playing one of the major roles among them. Microsoft has directly denied their role in the funding of this project.

Is It The Result Of The Lost Lawsuit? Oracle is that company, which has lost the lawsuit trial against Google. It was the trial of Intellectual Property Rights for the insertion of Java APIs in the distribution of Android. Google was successful in displaying various retaliation and anticipation evidence that finally led to the defeat of Oracle in the trial. Now, it will obviously be told that for exposing the document links of Google, the sponsorship of Oracle has been just a measure.

Anti-Google Research:  Oracle is actually funding the project for the group, which is basically trying to turn down the image of Google on account of transparency. With other nongovernmental cases like the fighting for natural oil or working for the LGBT rights, this research group is now aiming to track the transparency of Google.

Open Secret:  Let us now discuss the open secret. Google has launched the new application known as the App Runtime for Chrome (ARC). This tool helps the developers for transforming the Android apps off-the-shelf to the compatible versions with Chrome operating system. According to the last update of the courtroom interaction, the lawyers of Google volunteered the documentation and the history of the development of ARC. According to Oracle, Google did not mention that along with the ARC, it is also involved in the translation of the Android apps in the forms that can be accessible by Google Chrome.

Integration Of Android And Chrome books: It has also been revealed by Google that the apps which previously functioned only on the Android devices will now be accessible with the Chromebooks with OS Chrome version 37 or higher than that. For making the integration successful, it has also created a new layer of compatibility, as told to the reporters. From the implementation perspective, there is actually no connection between this new compatibility layer and the ARC.

Intellectual Property Rights And Patent Regime:  The patent regime and clarity on the Intellectual Property Rights definitely improve the innovation techniques as a substitute for the inhibition process where the need only arises for the landscape of intellectual property in the IT companies. Sometimes the funding activities may be misleading where the techniques of other companies are revealed with the publication of confidential data.

The transparency project of Google is a small part of the huge campaign known as the Campaign for Accountability. This is a research group or organization, which aims for litigation, research or aggressive interactions for exposing the decision-making process of the Government officials and corporate boardrooms. The group is also well known for contributing to activities of environmental protection and anti-LGBT discrimination. So, if the funding information is disclosed to the public, it will be rather helpful for them instead of misguiding them.