How oracle dba consulting services could revolutionize your company

Oracle Database administrator jobs are some of the best paying jobs in the world today. Companies are always willing to pay a top dollar for qualified Oracle professionals. This is because oracle is the most efficient and effective database provider.

Oracle always has an edge of other databases. This is because

  • It can run on all major platforms including Windows and networking protocols.
  • Oracle supports online backup and recovery.
  • It has a wealth of development tools, covering various stages of the development cycle.
  • Oracle supports large databases including characters and numbers.
  • It provides data to support object oriented database storage.
  • Oracle supports cursors which help to make programming way easier.

An oracle DBA has a variety of responsibilities. Some are not permanently employed by the company but offer Oracle DBA consulting services. The responsibilities are:

  1. Creates and maintains all databases required for the organization’s usage.
  2. Performs ongoing tuning of the database to ensure their efficiency.
  3. Controls migrations of programs, database changes, reference data ranges and menu data changes through development life cycle.
  4. Evaluates releases of oracle and its tools, and third party products to ensure that the site is running the products that are most appropriate.
  5. Provides technical support to application development teams. This is usually in the form of a help desk. The DBA is usually the point of contact for Oracle Corporation
  6. Enforces and maintains database constraints to ensure integrity of the database.
  7. Administers all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  8. Assists with impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects.

In as much as being an Oracle DBA is a lucrative job, it takes a lot of hard work to get to the top of the game. You will need some skills to help you to work efficiently with Oracle:

  • A good knowledge of the operating systems.
  • A good knowledge of physical database design.
  • Ability to perform both Oracle and also operating system performance monitoring and the necessary adjustments.
  • Good skills in all oracle tools.
  • A good knowledge of oracle security management.
  • Sound knowledge of the applications at your site.
  • A good knowledge of how oracle enforces data integrity.
  • A good knowledge of the business entity.
  • A DBA should have sound communication skills with management, development teams, vendors, systems administrators and other related service products.

As a DBA you are not limited to only IT companies, you can work in various settings. This is also one of the exciting things about being a DBA. Your typical employers are;

  • Financial organizations
  • Management consultancy firms such as Oracle consulting firms. If you do not like the whole idea of employment, you can open your own firm for Oracle consulting services.
  • Software companies
  • Universities and academic institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Local authorities
  • Central government
  • Charity organizations
  • Or any other organizations that stores large amounts of information and data.

Make that decision you have been wanting to make and join the path to becoming a successful Oracle DBA expert.