Experts DBAs Can Protect US Government Websites from Chinese Hackers

Hackers across the world are just getting bigger, better and bolder every day. Along with hacking the websites of top-notch companies, they are even attacking government websites laden with important data. Last year, some Chinese hackers have reportedly hacked the database of Office of Personal Management and whipped personal information of thousands of employees. However, based on the complaint registered by the US addressing the China’s foreign ministry, the Chinese government arrested a few suspected hackers who were allegedly involved in hacking the US agency’s database. The arrest has been made before the Chinese President Xi Jinpin’s official US visit.

Hackers do not work within any boundary; they just work either for any intelligence service or to fulfill their financial need by asking for a ransom to the victims. Today, efficient hackers across the world are using innovative and advanced technology for a cyber attack and have made every impossible task almost possible by using technology and skill.

Hackers Causing Tension between the US and China

There is no doubt that both the US and China are enjoying the competition in economic and defense level, but the act of hacking has added a new tension in both the nations. At the end of the last year, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Attorney General Loretta Lynch held meeting with Chinese Officials and both the sides have agreed to work together to fight against the cyber attackers and the law enforcement department has requested the Chinese officials to investigate malicious cyber activities.
The attack on the database of Office of Personal Management, which is one of the most important departments of Federal US government has been described as a devastating breach in the history of the United Sates.

Since the US government has been able to identify that their database has been hacked, the US officials declared that they are suspecting the involvement of Chinese government in the latest cyber security breach. Some officials said that those hackers might have been from MSS (Ministry of State Security) who were working on contract basis for the Chinese government.

Chinese Government Denied its Role in Hacking

Despite the US’s repeat allegations of Chinese government’s involvement in the cyber attack, China has maintained its stand against it by considering the act as a criminal matter and assured the United States that any individual associated with the crime will be prosecuted.

The government of China has been continuously insisted that they have no role in the intrusions associated with sensitive data of employees of the US federal government. However, the US officials also alleged that those sensitive data stolen by Chinese hackers sold to Chinese state-run firms.

Though the Chinese foreign ministry confirmed the arrest of suspected hackers involved in the OPM breach, but Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary declined to comment on the issue and said that President Obama has discussed the issue with his Chinese counterpart in Paris.

DBA Expert to Prevent Cyber Attack

There is no doubt that protecting sensitive data has become a major concern for the government of various countries and in order to do so, most of them have realized the necessity of primary and remote DBA experts who are equipped with the technologies that can prevent hackers to sneak into one’s database.

Today, most of the large companies dealing with crucial data and information are serious about the issue of data theft and always rely on the DBA experts to protect their valuable data from any kind of unauthorized access.

Today proficient DBAs have become one of the best solutions who can apply advanced technology to protect the database from any kind of cyber attack.