Even Top CIA Officials are not safe from Cyber Attacks – Hire DBA Experts Today

The menace of cyber crimes has reached to every level of our society and industries dealing with advanced information technologies have become more vulnerable to such attacks. Despite taking sufficient security measures, several government agencies are getting hacked by cyber attackers and losing their valuable data helplessly.

The recent act of a British teenage hacker has shocked the entire world and forced several government intelligence agencies to re-look on their existing cyber security system so that they can prevent hackers from attacking their computer system. The unnamed English hackers from East Midlands has hacked a series of computers of CIA, FBI and many other offices of the United States.

However, the hacker called “Cracka” has been arrested by the police and the authority is suspecting him as the same person who once hacked the email account of CIA chief John Brennan.

Organized Cyber Crimes Leaking Valuable Data

Hackers are not bothered about what kind crimes they are just committing by leaking or selling millions of valuable data to a third party or making them available online. A recent study suggests that websites of important government agencies have been hacked more than the websites of private organizations in the last five years.

Professional hackers are aware that information filled in government-run websites is precious for the government of other countries. In addition, it has been proven that government agencies pay less attention to the mechanism of cyber security than private organization and that is why they have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The Case of British Hacker

The 16-year-old hacker has been arrested by the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit from East Midlands for illegally accessing the data of the US intelligence agencies. The teenager has been detained for committing offenses, which fall under the 1990 Computer Misuse Act.

However, the suspected teenager has denied being “Cracka” and said that he has been arrested for hacking the email account of CIA Chief John Brennan and other White House Officials. The arrested teen has also been accused of hacking of database filled with the information of more than 30,000 FBI and DHS employees.

Hackers only see their personal interest while hacking any personal or organizational database, because most of them practice the act just to earn money from a third party. Availability of personal information of more than 30,000 workers associated with intelligence agencies such as FBI or CIA would mean nothing to them if they do not hand it over to others.

DBAs to Tackle Hacking Experts

Today, hackers are coming with more teeth and if they resolve to hack a website, they will try it with high determination and it is almost impossible for average technicians to stop those attackers from committing the crime.

However, professional DBAs are the best solution for such issues related to cyber crimes, because efficient primary and remote DBA experts come with the latest security mechanism that is especially designed to protect hackers from attacking the computer system.

Apart from protecting the database from hackers, professional DBAs can modify database structure based on the information provided by the application developer, the duties of DBAs included controlling the user’s database access, planning for backup and recovery, maintaining archived data, enrolling users and establishing security system.

DBAs for Better Database Performance

There is no doubt that protecting the database from any kind of external threat should be the main priority for any organization, but at the same time, people would love to work with a faster database server. DBAs are the experts who know the methods of how to make the database server highly active. Thus, immediately hire professional DBAs, before your database is getting hacked by cyber criminals.