Data Trends of 2016 – What Remote DBA Experts Suggest?

Data has always been one of the most important aspects of an organization. As the digital storage system has been introduced, industries have been able to store huge amount of data without putting much effort. However, the digital data storage system brought a new problem of data loss that has become a serious concern for every modern sector in the world. However, companies like Oracle and SQL evolved as popular data managing resources to address such issues.

Today, IT professionals across the world have developed advanced technologies such as virtual storage, cloud storage, warehouse technology and data mining. However, the most unfortunate fact is that no technology can offer a satisfactory result to the organizations in order to keep their data safe for a long time without any loss. In this article, we will talk about the data trends that will prevent in 2016 and make data management convenient.

Hybrid Data Storage Model

According to the experts, many organizations have invested a lot of money in establishing huge storage cart and a big team of professionals, which has gone in vain.  Moreover, in order to prevent data loss, many organizations have shut down their personal data centers and local server storage rooms, which gave them no significant result. However, a hybrid data collection model can be a better solution as the model allows organizations to keep a tab on the remote resources through public or private cloud infrastructure.

The Implementation of Common Storage Model

Today, in the process of maintaining and recovering data, security has become one of the biggest concerns for the industries that have the experts to introduce new and effective technology or data storage and recovery.

In order to avail a quick and secure data recovery system, many organizations have adopted the concept of common storage, through which they have been able to reduce the capital and operation expenditure.

The High-End Software Defined Storage System

Many expert views reveal that 2015 was the year for the high-end software defined storage or SDS system. The method has brought changes to the concept of data recovery system, as it offers superior data security and privacy besides advanced data administration technologies. Here are the four major changes expected to be witnessed in the data storage system soon:

  • Data protection will be considered as service initiative
  • Database will be a part of cloud service
  • An advanced DBA model will be introduced to witness zero loss on data recovery
  • Advanced applications for the DBA will be introduced in 2016

Major Services for IT Industry in 2016

There is no doubt that despite the introduction of latest technologies, organizations are still struggling for a better and secured ways of data protection and recovery. According to a survey, the global storage system will need almost double space by the end of 2019. However, in order to fulfill the huge need of space, few major steps will be taken in 2016 by many organizations.

Use of Cross-Platform Technology

In the process of diversification of data, the implementation of cross-platform technology can be a useful solution. Today, many organizations have expressed faith in the technology to keep their data safe and secure from theft and loss.

Development of Disaster Recovery System

There is no doubt that modern industries have become 100% dependent on digital data storage system, but at the same time, most of them consider the need for a strong disaster recovery system that can prevent the total database failure.

Cloud storage system has also become one of the most useful ways to store data that allow the user to store data in variable formats.