Consult DBA Experts about Best ERP Products

in the Market

Selling ERP software to your potential customers would not be easy if you do not know the method that needs to be applied in the process. Consultation on ERP implementations is needed especially in this highly competitive market of software tools where thousands of vendors are developing and selling their products online.

Big players such as Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft have made a big investment in the development and selling ERP to a wide range of customers across the world. However, making and burning CDs is definitely a marginal cost for them, but if they can implement any other out-of-box thinking in the process, they can make it bigger and better. You may wonder how the big companies in this field sell ERP products to their target customers and how an organization will choose a perfect ERP product for their requirement.
Ask DBA Professionals for Better Solution

If you have hired DBAs to take care of your database server then you can ask them about whether your business requires to upgrade its existing ERP solution or not. Highly proficient remote DBA experts can help you by bringing the best solution for you. DBA experts generally have good experience and knowledge by working in IT industry for years. Thus, in order to choose the best ERP products, get suggestions from them.

Features You Should Expect from ERP Products

One of the most demanded features of the ERP products at the base level is that it should serve identical functions in handling business processes. Thus, the vendor selling the product should present the significant differences between their ERP product and the other products that their competitors are offering. Today, many vendors are promising to pay millions if their products fail to perform as per as their claim while many vendors are just leaving it with being user-friendly or a tool with robust functionality. However, you should look out for the company that will offer 24×7 hours programming and consulting service to their customers.

Plan for Budget

The expense of human resources for an ERP implementation is more than three times higher than the original cost of the software. For example, if the cost of ERP solution is $4 million, then they will require the fund of near about $12 million for the human resources.

However, many vendors today are making more money from providing the programming and consulting services to their clients using ERP, than selling the products. To avoid the extra cost of programming and consulting service, many vendors are not providing such additional service to their customers.

The Effect of Customizing the ERP

If a company says that there is no need to change their business process then the decision can prove to be a blunder. Likewise, if a company has conducted improper customization of ERP solution then they will have to bear the cost of millions when they will need to upgrade the software. If you are the functional manager of the organization, you should understand the expense you will need in the process of customizing the ERP solution.

The Competitive Advantage of ERP Solution

If you are searching for the best ERP products in the market, then you should learn that fact that an ERP solution should not get matched with any kind of existing systems or services that can give the company an extra edge over its competitors in the market. The ERP solution should offer additional services that will offer clear and noncompetitive function and vendors selling ERP products should assess their business needs first and judge which ERP areas are important for competing in the marketplace.