7 Interesting Reasons Why DBA Experts Suggest Oracle

As a database expert, do you think that Oracle is the best database in the market? The market is flooded with SQL Server, DB2, Ingress and other databases. To ensure your clients buy the most useful database, you need to convince them to opt for Oracle. In this article, we are going to discuss how Oracle is better than its contemporaries.

The following reasons can prove Oracle’s superiority over its competitors.

# Reasonable pricing

You can ask your clients to switch over to Oracle as it offers many advantages at reasonable prices. Unlike other databases like, IBM; Oracle does not charge consulting fees. Some companies try to create a replica of the Oracle software because they think that Oracle is too costly for their business. But, they should realize that imitating software and maintaining it is much more costly than actually buying it. Creating new database software with all features of Oracle involves developing, testing, managing, documenting, etc.

Several business owners are switching over to Oracle database from other databases like Sybase and DB2 because of its reasonable price.

# Variety in index type

Unlike, some databases that have only one index type, you can find several types of indexes on Oracle. For instance, DB2 consists of a single index type, which joins indexes automatically while execution takes place. But, this is a time-consuming process as every time the user has a query, the database has to index the data. On the other hand, multiple index types on Oracle enable a faster query process.

# Perfect data delivery

Oracle offers perfect data to queries made by end users. It recreates most of the data before presenting them to the user. When the end user makes a query, some databases come up with answers very quickly. But, the answer may not be exactly what they are looking for. These databases sum up the entire data and bring it to the users. According to Remote DBA Experts, presenting correct data can be a little-consuming for Oracle, but it does stop the application for a considerable time-span.

# Hosted model

With the help of Oracle, your clients can host several thousand people. It is no use allowing only a handful of people to use a database. Oracle charges fee from user communities to run the database for numerous end users. As a result, they offer efficient service to the vast user base. If a business opts for open source and download database free of cost, they may suffer from loss of data. An open source database like MYSQL often crashes and businesses lose their data. Losing business data is extremely harmful if there is no back up.

Oracle employs efficient DBA personnel to manage and monitor their client base. The company offers backup, recovery, data management and high efficiency. As a result, even small business owners can recover their data in case they suffer from data crash.

# Better functionality

Oracle offers efficient functionality to its users. Some businesses think that scanning millions of rows at lightning speed determines the efficiency of a database. But, bitmapped indexes, rewriting query and loading & querying at the same time are important features of an effective database. Oracle offers you these key attributes.

# Ample storage

It is true that Oracle runs the largest databases in the world. Some databases may claim that they offer larger storage capacity than Oracle. However, they include all the databases a client uses.  In fact, some of them even count all the disks present on the computer.

These were some reasons why you should suggest your clients to buy Oracle instead of any other type of database. With Oracle, they will never have to worry about losing important data.